I remember the first time I hired someone from the Philippines.  

“Jake”.  (I changed his name to protect myself from you trying to hire him…although he’s super loyal to me).

I wanted him to do some website work for me but I didn’t want to give him access to my hosting account. I was scared he would steal something or mess something up.

After a week of him not being able to do his job because I wouldn’t give him access, I finally gave in and gave it to him.

Guess what happened?



He didn’t steal anything or mess anything up. He didn’t take my domain or my website or my idea.

He just did his job. Everything I had hoped he would/could do was now happening.

It just took me giving him access to what he needed.

It made my life so much easier.

So when other people send me the same question, like the one Jim B. emailed me:

Hi John I’m considering hiring someone overseas to manage my quickbooks accounting work.  Any tips on how to secure myself?  Obviously I don’t think I would give them my bank feed information (I would scan/email those) but access to credit card accounts, etc I think is safe. 
What is your experience with this?

Here’s my answer.

Start small and then grow from there.

Give them access to whatever is necessary for them to do their job.  Then as you gain trust in them, give them more. 

If this were me, at this point I’d give them my bank feed info. I want them to do everything. My opinion is that having an OFS is no different than a local employee.  Theft risk is about the same.