Are you still on the fence about hiring an OFS? Worried you won’t get it right?

I just got an email from Di and here’s what she said:

I posted my first job on a Friday and by the Tuesday I had made my first hire – I simply followed the One VA Away process and it was brilliant.  And I am loving my guy. He’s a gem.

I communicated with about 15 – 20 candidates (lost track), narrowed it down to 14 and then narrowed it to 6 from there as emails went back and forth.

I asked one of them a lot of questions and invited him to Zoom if that was easier – and he said yes, that would be much easier. And as we were talking on Zoom, I knew this was the guy for me. So hired him on the spot, we nutted out salary and hours and terms.

I sent him a confirmation email re same. And he started immediately.
I am celebrating so many things …

Taking a leap and trusting myself and my business vision enough to outsource
Purchasing One VA Away & registering for Online Jobs
Following the process of One VA Away and not just going it alone
Hiring a great candidate AND
the most important, that I get to change someone else’s life by giving them a job and that I can be in service of my staff as well as my families (I am an art educator) by growing my business.  This one I did not bank on or expect – and when I told my family that I had hired a VA, the tears of gratitude welled and I could not keep them away.  Feel teary again writing this here.

I wanted you to know the impact of what you have created.

The ripple effect in full play here.

Much gratitude,

Over the weekend, Di found a great person for her business. You can have that too; just do what she did. Go to and follow my hiring steps. It’s that simple.