There are a million of these “submit your url here” sites out there. Some of them claim to submit your site to 1500 search engines, some claim to do it to 40. I tend to believe that the ones who submit you to 1500 are just a crock. I mean, how many search engines are there out there? Probably like 1500000 or something. How many of them matter, get more than 1-2 searches / day? maybe 20. Just logically I’m gonna trust something that’s going to submit my site to the top 40 search engines and do it well, than some stupid thing that claims to do everything in the world for me. Especially when it’s for free.

Neal gave me this one:

I’ve heard good things about it before too. I’ll stick with what works and not deal with all of this voodoo magic that people claim to do with search engines.