Yesterday I had such a down day because our Utah Real Estate site hasn’t done what we wanted. It just hasn’t moved up in the search engines and it’s dissapointing.

Today has been a different story. I moved my ebay site onto another server yesterday which worried me because I know that google doesn’t like it when you change IP addresses. When I moved it, mod-rewrite stopped working. I wasn’t sure why but I also didn’t notice it until today. When I looked at the site this morning, none of my pages were working. So I looked at apache’s error log and noticed that I was actually getting hits from google!

I got 4 hits from google yesterday alone! And that’s with only 33 pages having been indexed by google! When google starts indexing more pages, I’m sure I’ll get tons more hits. They were obscure queries too, which is the reason I built the ebay thing in the first place. I have all kinds of content on my pages that is different unique content so when someone does a random obscure search, I’m the only one on the web with those words on my page. If I’m the only one with all of the keywords, regardless of my pagerank, Google’s going to show my page the the user.