He’s not Batman…but he thinks he is:

He’s wearing one piece Batman pajamas and flip flops riding this demo bike I got. 
The bike weighs just 16 pounds and rolls like a dream.
It’s like Batman trying out a new high tech device.

The bike has made riding his default activity.  When he’s free, he goes to the bike rather than to the TV.

Sometimes I feel like Batman with the way my OFS make things easier for me.

Lance W. asked if I could write about how my OFS help with my email campaigns. The process isn’t as good as I want it to be…but that should change soon.  

Here’s how it works for me.

Any integration stuff with Mailchimp my OFS takes care of (programmer).
This includes using the API to add people who sign up via OnlineJobs.ph to Mailchimp, as well as using Zapier with Clickfunnels and Mailchimp. It also includes any time we build an opt-in form. Anything technical, they hook it up.

I figured out how to set up Mailchimp so things would work right for us.
One of my OFS created a custom template for me so emails get sent as plain text the way I want them formatted.

For sending out emails, here’s how it works for me
1. I write the email and post it in Mailchimp.
This is the part I haven’t figured out how to outsource well yet. Julia sometimes writes emails and I make comments on them. 
I tried having someone else write emails based off what I dictated but it didn’t work great. Maybe it was the wrong person. I need to try it again.

2. My OFS schedules them correctly

3. My OFS makes sure everything is done correctly within MailChimp. This includes images, grammar, spelling…

4. My OFS takes the email content and puts it onto my website JohnJonas.com. She schedules it to publish the night before the email is set to go out. 
This allows me to double dip on content. It serves as an email newsletter and also as a permanent blog post. 
I can’t tell you how many times people ask me a question and I do a duckduckgo.com search for:
site:johnjonas.com insurance
(Try it, it will give you my best newsletters about insurance for your OFS)

Unfortunately for me, this newsletter is the part of my business I have LEAST automated.

I’m going to try again with getting someone else to write the content based off what I dictate. If it changes, I’ll let you know how I did it. 

What task have you struggled to outsource that maybe you just need to give it another try tweaking the process slightly?


PS. Maybe using my process at http://www.OneVAAway.com would help you hire the right person this next time?