We have chickens at my house for 3 reasons:
1. I like the eggs they produce. Definitely not cheaper than store bought, but much higher quality.
2. I like the feeling of producing something at home.
3. I like that it gives my kids a responsibility.

At first it was hard for us.  Having the kids take care of them was painful because they were bad at it. When I realized how bad they were at it, I did some research on my own, figured some things out, then I taught them how to better care for them.

Now it’s super easy. Every day kids go out and eggs come in.

When you have effective training, the limits to what your OFS can do are pretty small. 

Nina H. sent me this email where she talks about all the different things her OFS does for her business.

She does research for my content and does almost all of my graphics now, she does proofreading and transcription for my contracts (policies and procedures and other documents). She is now doing social media content and posting. She helps me with my schedule, she develops articles and makes slide decks for all of my presentations and courses. She created my entire course workbook and did an absolutely stunning job that required minimal revisions. She has been helping me revamp my website and course cards.

She can do anything by providing her with a short how-to/training video. 

And there’s the key to Nina’s “magic” OFS.  


When her OFS was just starting out, she could only do a couple of things. But with the training Nina provided, she’s now a rockstar. 

With video, it’s easier to explain complicated tasks. There’s no room for confusion because you’re showing them exactly how you want things done. Sending a video is just as easy as sending an email.

I use Snagit.


PS. Figuring out Snagit is what changed my ability to manage 5 people into being able to manage 20 people. 

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