Trying to outsource without knowing how to recruit Filipino employees is like sending your bank account information to that guy in Nigeria who emailed you yesterday to tell you you’ve inherited your distant cousin’s estate.

It’s a bad idea.

Watching this video so you can learn the right way to recruit Filipino employees…

That’s a good idea.


File Download: MP4 Video, ~8.64 KB

Main points to take away:

  • Specify a few skills you MUST have and be flexible about everything else. There’s no such thing as hiring a perfect VA. That’s what training is for, and I can teach you how to do that, too. Make a list of a few indispensable skills (English speaking is #1 on most people’s lists), and consider any other skills an added bonus.
  • Be aware of other qualifications, like years of experience, desired salary, and check out their website if they have one. A serious applicant will make an effort to give out as much information as possible.
  • Send multiple inquiries. It’s okay to contact several people for a single job post. It’s very unlikely to find a candidate that’s perfect, affordable AND available on your first try. I usually contact around 20 candidates for a single position. Then I narrow the field from there.
  • Spend time on interviews. After you get a response, make an effort to talk to the person before hiring them. You can learn a LOT about a person when you meet them (use skype or facetime) You might learn about some of their new skills, get a better feel for their English skills and get to know their personalities (are they go-getters?).

In the interview: Don’t expect your interviewing candidate to volunteer information. Filipino candidates are much more modest and timid than American candidates- it’s just a part of their culture. If you want to know something- ask specific questions.