I have often talked about how hiring an OFS can be life-changing for you. But for Filipinos, having a full-time job that lets them work from home is just as life-changing.

Mariah’s OFS story may sound unbelievable, but it’s quite common.


It’s hard for us to imagine living in places that are so poor that they don’t have running water or electricity. But those places still exist in the Philippines. Life there can be hard.

This is why many Filipinos move to Manila, Cebu, or Davao to attend school. Commuting for hours just to get to work is the norm. I know this because most of my OFS team also experienced that before they started working for me.

Imagine spending most of your day on the road, at work, or school. Or not seeing your family for years because you work in another country.

I don’t think I can stand it. My son is on a mission in the Philippines. We Facetime every week, we message every day and I still miss him terribly. I know he’s in a safe community and doing something important but as a parent, I just want him home.

This is a fact of life in the Philippines. Many Filipino families experience loneliness or isolation because they barely see each other. They’re all busy trying to survive. Putting food on the table is more important than spending time together.

Filipino culture always puts family first. So when you take them away from their family, it’s emotionally and mentally painful.

I love stories like these because they remind me that we’re doing good work. We’re helping parents be good providers for their children. We’re letting parents be parents by allowing them to be with their children.

We’re changing generations of Filipinos and showing their kids and grandkids that having a promising future doesn’t mean sacrificing your happiness for money. When you have an online job, you can have both.

Think of that when you create an Onlinejobs.ph account, and hire an Online Filipino Specialist.


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