There are four (4) Philippine holidays this April.

I know, it’s a lot.

That’s why I’m sending out this email early, so you guys can get ready for what’s ahead.

The first one would be Araw ng Kagitingan (Day of Valor) which falls on April 9 (Saturday). It’s a regular holiday (day off work, with pay if you’re on salary).

Holy Week is in April this year. Maundy Thursday (April 14) and Good Friday (April 15) are regular holidays. Black Saturday (April 16) is a special holiday. With the Philippines easing up on COVID restrictions, your OFS may ask for a week-long break for this one so they can go home to visit their families in the provinces.

Yeah, a lot of people in the Philippines haven’t seen their families in a couple years because of Covid.  They haven’t had the chance to travel home. If they ask…let them go.

I’ll update you on the Philippine holidays coming up through the newsletter. But to make sure that you’re updated and get these notifications in advance, you can get our Philippine Holiday Calendar.


PS. In winter, all I want to do is ski.  My body has a weird connection with snow. I crave it. We skied where a forest fire denuded the trees recently.  It was eerie and amazing at the same time.