The worst advice I ever heard?

“Fake it till you make it.”


You’ll never make it if you’re faking it.

If you’re faking it, you’re deceiving people. 

The best business advice I ever got?

Add value.

Look at what you’re doing and think:

Am I honestly adding value to people?

If you are, you’re on a good track.  

If you’re not, you might be making money, but it will be short-term, and eventually people find out and things come crashing down around you.

I’ve never done the “fake it till you make it” thing.  
I don’t like fake.

But I have done business without adding value.  

It didn’t last.

John Lee Dumas (host of Entrepreneurs on Fire) says:
“Become a person of value”

I dug in more in this 15 minute interview with him where we talk about 
– adding value
– consistency

2 keys to succeeding in online business.

His book is excellent