There’s this quote from Teddy Roosevelt

“In any situation, the best thing you can do is the right thing. The second best thing is the wrong thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing.”

When hiring someone, we all want to do the right thing. We all want to hire the best person on the first try. And that’s TOTALLY POSSIBLE!

You’re overcomplicating this!

This is so much more simple than you think.

If you’re hiring someone on your own, what’s likely to happen is you do something wrong. The salary you’re offering is too low, or your job post is too specific, or it’s not specific enough. You’re getting too many applicants, or nobody is responding to your post.

With any of this, it sucks. You feel like you wasted time and effort. It’s not fun but it’s still better than the worst thing you can do, which is nothing.

What’s the worst that happens if you do something and write that job post today? You make a mistake.

You make a mistake, and you learn something new. The next time you hire someone, you’ll be better at it.

How old are you?
How many more years are you going to be hiring?
I’m 45.
I’ll be hiring for…15 more years?  25 more years? (since I know I can hire anyone to do anything for any project I ever work on.)

Is it worth learning to hire someone?

What’s the most likely thing to happen if you post a job or go to to learn how to hire someone?

Most likely is you will find a great online Filipino specialist to help your business.
That actually is the most likely outcome.

And that’s definitely better than doing nothing.

Do something today. Make an employer account. It’s free. Then post a job. It’s free.
Then hire someone. Not free…but we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t hire someone great.


PS. this email is in response to what Jovanna sent me: