Sunday dinner is a big thing at our house.

Has been since I got married.

My wife’s family all lives close. 
We get together for family dinner almost every Sunday.

It’s great.

We talk.
We play games.
We ignore the kids.
The kids run wild.
We share food responsibilities.
We laugh.
We clean up together.

Every week my 7 yr old comes to me to ask for dessert.

Did you eat your dinner?

“ummm…not all of it”

Ok, let’s go eat your dinner.

But this week was different.

Did you eat your dinner?


Where is it?

“In my belly!”

Wheres your plate?

“In the trash.”

Ok, you can have dessert…

…but then I spotted it. 

His plate was on a different table.  I recognized it because it had the single green bean and single zucchini on it that I put there originally.

He lied to me!


It can be an issue with kids…

And the first time you hire an online Filipino specialist.

But not the second time…


I recently got an email from Katie Thies. She’s a copywriter and was hiring her second OFS. She’s good with words.

She had asked about using TimeProof because she was used to tracking workers from Upwork. Then she realized…

“I had been sold by past mentors on the whole Upwork big brother time tracking feature as a selling point, but…

I used to freelance on Upwork. I should have known better. That time tracking BS is insulting.

I’m guessing most of your customers may be hiring their first ever freelancer…

So “trust” feels like a big deal. Passwords, hours worked, and …what if they read my personal emails???


…Until you’ve hired your first couple freelancers. And you realize you had hyped up something in your head that didn’t matter.

I remember when I hired my first Filipino VA (on Upwork, unfortunately) and I was tracking her time, the difficulty I had was actually getting her to track all her hours.

Yes: convincing her to get paid for the hours she had worked.

My (American) mind nearly exploded.

She kept making mistakes (reasonable) and then to make up for it she would try to work free hours (devastating). I kept begging her to track those hours, and she wouldn’t. So I had to give her a bonus for that extra time so she got paid.

From my experience as a copywriter (I’m so used to using words to get people to do what I want), my thought is that stories like that might help some folks…

Because what they don’t know yet is that: Filipino workers aren’t just cheaper. They’re actually better, too. They’re more reliable, hard-working, and loyal.

Time tracking is the wrong way to get productivity from people.


PS. I talk through time tracking, and TONS of other better ways to outsource in my book The Outsourcing Lever

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