Most people running a business want help with their website.  

– Maybe you’re running Shopify and you want help with it.
– Maybe you’re building wordpress sites for clients and need someone to manage plugins.
– Maybe you’re an insurance agent and want your site to be more functional.

Whatever it is, hiring a “web developer” is one of the least understood roles out there.

Let me shed some light.

1. a “Webmaster” isn’t a role anymore.  It’s not a thing.

2. Most of the time the word “developer” means “programmer”.  Someone writing custom programming code.  This is not usually someone building a basic website.

3. Most websites today are built using pre-existing software. 

4. Usually there isn’t a role of “someone who builds a website” anymore.  It’s multiple roles. 

If you’re looking for “someone to build a website for you”, you want someone “skilled with wordpress” <- search this on They’re going to put up the site, not necessarily make it look pretty.

If you want someone to make a site look good, you’re looking for a “Web Designer”.

If you run Shopify, you want someone who is a “shopify expert”.

If you want to improve your current website, or you want to change things on your site, look for the skills “HTML and CSS”.

If you’re running an agency and want someone to build a website, you probably want multiple roles from above.

Here’s some advice from Johannah Barton on how she finds “Web Developers”

If you have no idea what you’re doing, my best advice is, before you hire someone, ask a friend who does know what they’re doing “What kind of person am I looking for?” and tell them what you’re looking for.