I have mercury poisoning.

Oh, I’m doing a lot better right now than I was.

When I was first tested I was in the 99th percentile of people who get tested (yeah, the 99th percentile of people who think they have mercury poisoning.

It was bad.

I couldn’t remember anything.

“Hey, remember when we went here and did X”
“Have you seen X movie?”
I don’t know.
“Dad, remember when Lila said “blah blah blah””

It got so bad that it was normal for me to walk to the other room to do something and by the time I got there I had no idea why I was there.  In order to accomplish anything, I had to repeat my task in my mind the entire way there…and even that was a struggle.

As soon as I figured it out I was able to start taking care of it. 

I had all my silver fillings removed (I had 5) and I stopped eating tuna (I was eating a lot because fish is “healthy”).

Today I’d say I’m about 95% better, but sometimes I still need reminders.

Like, a reminder about how to onboard a new Online Filipino Specialist.

Here are my 4 things when onboarding:

1. Tell them they’re hired
2. Finalize the terms…in writing
3. Set daily reporting expectations
4. The first task. Create the expectation that they’ll come to you when they have a problem.

Of these, creating the expectation that they’ll come to you when they have a problem is the most important. You still have to do things to gain their trust (or else they won’t come to you), but it’s the beginning.