I’ve heard from a lot of business owners who tell me that they’re too overwhelmed to hire someone right now.

I’ve felt this before.

“Ugh…I have so much to do…I can’t take the time to post a job and interview/hire someone right now.”


Did you hear what you just said to yourself?

You’re too busy to do the thing that will make you less busy.

When I said that to myself I realized how dumb I was being.  I put off the things I “had” to do and I posted a job.

Magically, the “urgent” things were still there the next day, still waiting for me and nothing had burned down.

In the mean time, I got the ball rolling towards hiring the right person to help UNBUSY myself.

I’ve worked about 17 hours/week since 2010.
It takes one decision to get you on the path of being less busy, less overwhelmed.

Hire an OFS to get stuff off your plate.

It won’t take as much time as you think. Using my hiring steps outlined at OneVAAway.com should take no more than a couple of hours from start to finish.