Look…I know you don’t want to train someone.

I know you’re too busy.  I get it.

And…I know you want to just hire someone who is already super skilled.

You can!

But you still have to bring the person into your business. You still have to provide some training!

I’ve noticed that a lot of the problems business owners have with finding the right Online Filipino Specialist can be solved by giving them (your OFS) training.

Like, did you find an OFS who’s a good fit personality-wise, but maybe they don’t have every single skill you’re looking for?

If you can feel in your gut that this person has the potential to be a good and loyal employee, don’t let that stop you from hiring them. They can always acquire the skills they need with training. We have an entire library of resources available at VAsMadeEasy.com that you can use.

Can’t afford to hire someone experienced because you’re just starting out? Hire a newbie and offer training as a benefit. Your OFS will be thankful because you took a chance on them, and they don’t have to pay for quality training.
As your OFS gains more skills, your business grows, and you can start paying them more. You can even hire a more experienced OFS afterward once your business becomes more profitable.

Do you have a very lean team, and you’re worried about critical tasks every time an OFS gets sick? Cross-train your OFS.

Do you have an OFS who’s really good at their job, but you want them to do more, maybe take on a leadership role when you hire more workers? Give them training. Even if they don’t use those skills, understanding your business process will help them solve most problems.

Want them to do better quality work and stop making mistakes?  Give them more training and stop fixing their mistakes.  Make them fix the mistakes.  Make it clear that you want to help them improve and progress in their careers (with training and feedback) and make it their responsibility to do this really well.

When I first hired my Filipino workers, I had to make all their training materials myself. Now, you don’t have to. Everything you need to train your OFS is available at VAsMadeEasy.com


PS. The “I’m super direct and straight forward” part I left out of this until now is – If you’re too busy to hire/train someone…I’m sorry, take a step back and look at what you’re saying.  You’re saying “I take pride in being busier than everyone else and I’m not going to take the time to work on my business so I become less busy.”  Nothing about “I’m too busy to hire/train someone” makes sense.  Get off your high horse and hire someone. Now.