A couple weeks ago, my wife went out of town. I was left alone managing everything at home, including tending to my 5 kids. 

I got the kids to school, did some yoga, and took care of morning chores.
At 3pm, I rushed home from the bike shop and started to make dinner because that’s the only time I had. 
At 4pm I went out to coach my son’s soccer practice.

When I got home from his practice I realized that I left our broccoli dinner steaming on the stove. 
We didn’t want to waste food, so we had the overcooked dinner at our usual 5pm even though it was gross.

After that, I went to my daughters’ mountain bike team practice. Unfortunately, all the (great) coaches were out of town so I had to step in and lead two different groups.

Before heading home, I had to pick up my other daughter from dance class and came home to a complaining kid for the mushy broccoli. 
Put the little kids to bed afterward before I could proceed with cleaning the kitchen.

I was beat!

I’ve worked from home for a long time (since 2005) so I know the home routine really well.  When she leaves, it’s not usually that bad. This time it was.

I’m so grateful for an amazing wife and for our long-term contract (marriage) together.  20 years with her have been amazing.

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This isn’t the way I usually do it, but it works for a lot of people.


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