There was a Typhoon in Southern Philippines 2 days ago. It was REALLY bad.
If you have people in the Philippines, make sure to check on them.

For more info on the typhoon check out this article about the aftermath or this one, or google it.

The whole thing is terrible.
You can donate to help out at the Red Cross.

One of my customers forwarded me an email from one of her GUYS.

Dear sir and ma’am,

this is the daughter of [NAME]. sorry for no updates lately. i am now at the city just to email you. there is a calamity happen to our place HINAPLANON ILIGAN CITY. there is a huge flood happen to our place.

Thanks God that we are all alive in our family and there is no one in harm. right now, there is no electricty and internet in our place. and our was was damaged until to our 2nd floor. we will send you some pictures and videos to what happen to our place. it was very horrible.

we stayed all night until morning at the roof looking at the rising water. all our things were damaged except for our computer and laptop, we saved it so that my mother can still work on you ma’am. maybe this will be the last email until we haven’t recover yet. we will just email if have recovered sir and ma’am. we need your help and consideration sir and ma’am. until now, our house was full of mud because of the flood. and some of our neighbors and close friends died. thanks to God sir and ma’am that we are safe… thank you sir and ma’am. just see the news at our place HINAPLANON, ILIGAN CITY, it is the one of the major destructed place.

The most important thing to save was their LAPTOP!

If you have people in southern Philippines, consider sending money to help them recover.