If you didn’t know, the Philippines just had a super typhoon come through.

Here’s what I know.

In the US we call it Typhoon Rai.
In the Philippines it’s called Typhoon Odette.

They call it a typhoon.
We call it a hurricane.  This was like a category 5 hurricane.

The death toll is 200+.

There are cities where there’s not a roof left on a single building.

A couple quotes from my workers:

“Most of the areas here do not have electricity and water and as per the local government, it will take two to three months to get it back. We are one of the affected families but lucky enough, my family is safe.”

“We are badly hit with the recent typhoon. No internet, no data, no electricty, drinking water is getting scarce.
Currently, i am looking for atms/banks for us to withdraw cash. Most banks are also down. It has been the 4th day already in this situation. I am able to get data since we borrowed motorcycle to go to the cebu city (im from mactan island). Only 2 wheels are able to pass in out area since posts and trees are on the road.

If i get a hold of cash then me and my family will go to our province since we heard its in a better situation than here. We will go there asap since we also have a baby and its super hard with no electricty and scarce drinking water.

Please bear with me sir this coming days. I will cover up for the time whenever im already in a stable situation, hopefully within the week.”

“Our area here in Cebu is badly hit by typhoon. If this email reaches you it is still impossible to work right now. There is no water, electricity, cell signal is spotty and no internet as of now. And my family is safe.”

“…we’re expecting it to take months for electricity to come back on…”

I’ve gotten numerous photos like this:

Here’s what you can do:

– Show compassion
– Expect they won’t be able to work for a while
– Send money to help them relocate or rebuild (or both)

I’ve been working with the Philippines since 2005.  This is the worst typhoon I’ve seen.