I knew this was coming at some point, but I didn’t know just how good it was until today.

I guess with Provo Labs office space you get the space (which I believe right now is going for about $17/sq ft.), telephone, internet, secretary, printer, desk, chair, conference room. Those are the tangibles.

The intangibles are way more valuable as far as I’m concerned.

Paul is teaching internet marketing to everyone with office space there. Paul Teaching + entrepreneurs listening = changed lives. I know. It changed mine.

And then theres the networking that will go on there.

If you’re a programmer, looking for work, I don’t see how you can afford to NOT go get office space there. I can almost guarantee that by having space there (even if you just use it to study), you’ll get more work than you can handle from the other entrepreneurs with great ideas but who lack the technical expertise to implement their ideas.

If you have a start-up business, with office space, or looking for office space, in utah county, I really think this is the place.