United gets OK for in-flight wireless access – Computerworld
United Air Lines Inc. yesterday said it has received government approval to install equipment on planes that eventually will give passengers wireless Internet access during flights.

What a difference this will make on peoples lives. I’ve hated it for years how the second I got on an airplane every communication was cutoff. It’s just seemed as wasted time because I can’t read very well on a plane because I get sick, but I can look at a computer because it doesn’t require concentration like reading does. I can reply to email without looking at the computer.

Obviously all airlines will eventually have wi-fi access. My guess is that the stupid ones will charge for it and Jet-Blue and Southwest will offer it for free to users.

It seems like the major airlines (Delta, United, American) have the same mentality that large companies have towards software. Spend and gauge. On the other hand, it seems like Jet-Blue and Southwest have taken the open-source model: give a little back.

It seems to be working for the little guys.