After I released that newsletter on phone services, I got a lot of responses on phone services that are not on the list. So here’s an update based on what subscribers told me:

Ooma Office

Not a phone service but a subscriber also recommended HeyMarket, which is an SMS/text messaging service. This service is good if you use SMS a lot for marketing and customer support.

Here’s another option that I got that I just had to share in verbatim:

Any phone provider that provides IP phone services should be able to set up an overseas OFS with a soft phone app either a cell phone or computer.  I pay $25 a month for her line and my ofs can make unlimited calls to and from the United States. And since her phone is tied into my phone system, she has an extension. I can dial her extension and talk to her. In addition, when people call my business phone number, she has an extension which people could just punch in and get through straight to her. She can also call other countries for the same rates that I pay. 

Note: setting up a soft phone is what most of the companies we’ve mentioned will do.

Here’s another solution that’s not applicable to everybody but can work if you’re in Australia.

You don’t need to know how to set up a PBX (although I do), just need to know to ask your local ISP for a virtual PBX and VoIP phones.  Then describe to the ISP how you want it set up and they will do the rest.   I use Spintel for my services but that is of no use to anyone outside Australia.  They also have to think of using the ISP for business not just getting an Internet connection like at home.

I find the smaller boutique ISPs are easier to work with, than the bigger Telcos.

Armed with this information, you should be ready to hire an experienced online Filipino customer service representative.

Thank you to everybody who replied with their suggestions. If you guys have anything more to add or if you have any other questions or topics you want me to cover, email me at

My point in sending this is to make it very clear that it’s super reasonable to hire an OFS to make phone calls.
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