The refereeing was bad. I agree.

The field wasn’t up to par for a world cup setting? That’s questionable.

Bruce Arena screwed it up?

All I know is that the USA team just isn’t that good. I mean, when you watch them play compared to watching a team like Italy or Germany or Brazil it’s like watching a high school team play.

“Booooot it!”

They play like it’s AYSO.

There’s very little ball control, passes are in the air and rarely on target, they’re slow, lazy, and just generally un-skilled.

Beasley? Donovan? I mean, come on.

Keller being one of the best in the world? I’d say he’s mediocre at best.

I too had very high hopes for this team, but was sorely disappointed.

It’s hard to have a world class team when all the best athletes are off playing basketball and football.