I had such a good use case test last night with the Snyders (Heidi and Travis). They called and asked if I would talk with them about real estate because they want to buy a duplex here in Utah County. I told them to come over and we’d talk about it, and I’d have them look at this site I’m developing.

We talked, and they looked and man was it eye opening.

What was really interesting is that they didn’t even get the point of the site until they had looked at like 6 pages. Then they said that I should have the point of the site on the front page somewhere. I told them to go back and look at the front page and the point of the site just jumped out at them because it’s written in big bold red letters at the top of the page. It was interesting that they didn’t see it the first time…but understandable. They explained exactly what their eyes saw and I now understand why I’m having such a hard time getting the point of the site across.

The problem is that the big red text is in a grey box with a blue title at the top…like the other 10 boxes on the homepage. It doesn’t look any different than anything else. However, the title graphic, the albion villiage ad, and the map of Utah do look different, so that’s what they saw. They never even read the 48pt bold heading that said “Cash Back on Utah Real Estate”. Crazy…but understandable.

I have a lot of changes to make. Travis was sooooo good at articulating what he saw and what his thought process was. He was also really really good at giving suggestions on how to convey the sites message better.

If anyone out there needs help with something like this, I’d bet you could pay Travis a little and he’d do it for you too. I can’t express the value this was to me. I’m basically going to change the whole look of the first couple of pages. Totally amazing what that guy saw and how he was able to articulate it and then to tell me how to make it better.

Thank you Travis Snyder!