As I write this I’m in pain.

My mouth is swollen. My sinuses are swollen. My tongue is swollen.

I had a bone graft done in my mouth because I had 2 root canals next to each other both of which failed. 

When I was a kid I didn’t take care of my teeth. 

My parents weren’t super functional to be able to help. They were overwhelmed with life.
Dentists told me to brush and floss.  I didn’t see the point.

I wish I would have listened to people who knew more than me…people who could see farther down the road than I could.

Here’s a great case study we did with John Abbas. He’s been down the road.
He runs a podcast where his OFS help manage it and keep him on track.
His OFS built the website for his podcast and does banners, forms, graphics for it.
When she’s not busy doing design for the podcast, she does SEO and manages the YouTube channel.

It’s a classic example of an OFS helping to grow a business.