Video on Skype is finally available. I think it’s been available for a little over a month actually, I just haven’t gotten around to it.

What’s really interesting about it right now is that Skype didn’t develop it themselves. Third party venders developed the plugin to go into skype. What an amazing model. Develop an application that does what it does really really well, and then let other people contribute their pieces of innovation to it to make it better and more appealing. Then give it all away for free. (where have I seen this before…oh yeah, that’s right, open source!).

Right now, there are 2 major players in the video for skype application: and

The second one claims that it will integrate with any third party internet based communication app.

The real winner in this are the users. One of these two apps will win out as the default app in the end and it will be whichever one delivers better performance and more features.

All for free.