There’s a family at church who’s husband is in Iraq fighting in the army. I set up Gallery for them on my server so they can share pictures with each other. She just had a baby so the army gave him two weeks leave. He was in church today.

It was interesting as I talked with him to hear how the war in Iraq is going. He says the soldiers are treated very well by KBR (that’s good to hear). The soldiers know that they need to be there. I asked how they (the soldiers in general) feel about the war. He said they all know it’s necessary. There’s no way for them to leave the country right now and for any good to come of it. The whole place would turn to anarchy.

We talked about places he’s been, like to Karbala and Babylon. He said he’s stood on King David and Solomon’s throne. He’s been to Solomon’s temple, he knows where David was thrown into the lions den. He named all kinds of places. He has pictures of himself on the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. It was really interesting.

The thing I was most interested in learning from him was about how the Iraqi’s feel about the war. In this country all the stupid liberal media ever tells us is how poor of a job we’re doing and about how the people there want us out. Well…it’s not exactly true (as one would probably suspect). He said that 95% of the people there are very happy with what the US has done. They don’t mind the American’s being there, but they’re getting impatient to be able to return to normal life and to get their country back. He says a lot of them just don’t understand that the process of reconstruction is going to take a long time and they want it all rebuilt and stable right now. That’s tough.

2% of the people he said, fight against the US. The other 3% of the population aren’t Iraqi’s at all. They’re from Jordan, Syria, Iran, … and they come into the country just out of hatred for the US. They’re the biggest problem.

He said that the people there live such a different life than we do here. If you take our worse slum here, he said to add to it tons of trash and dirt and you have the normal peoples lives there. He said that people there have lived their last 30 years totally in fear. As an example, Saddam didn’t like bananas so he didn’t allow them into the country. If you were cought with a banana, you were taken out and killed. Just because Saddam didn’t like them.

He said it’s tough to fight because there is no enemy. There are no people in uniforms to shoot at. You see someone on the corner just waiting for a bus and the next minute they turn around and are shooting at you with an ak-47. It’s crazy.

It’s nice to get a little dose of reality from someone who’s experiencing it instead of from our stupid slanted assenine jerky liberal media.