This morning I waxed my kids skis for the first time ever.

It’s not that they haven’t needed a wax, it’s that I’m lazy with things like this.

Taking skis to the shop, dropping them off, waiting 4 days to get them back, going to pick them up.  
For someone who doesn’t leave the house very often, that’s a pain in the butt.
Plus, being without skis for 4 days…out of the question.

So I did it myself.

The second my kids got on their skis today they said

They’re so slippery.

Then later

It’s easier to turn.

Flat sections are so much easier.

Sharpen the saw.

For me, sharpening the saw takes on a few different forms in my business.

One of those is to look at projects my VAs are working on and evaluate how they’re going, how they’re executing, looking at their work, and then making tweaks.

If I can improve their processes, I’m improving my business.

Another (more important) sharpening I do is to pick out the one thing that will improve my business the most and I don’t work on anything else until I get that thing done.

That’s what I’m doing now.  

I need to get a sales process done and video recorded.

I’ll block out everything else until I get it done.

Fortunately, my VAs run everything else for me so I can afford to ignore everything else.

If your VAs don’t run everything for you that’s ok. Make a list of the absolutely critical things that have to happen in your business today. These are things which if you don’t do them, business will fail. Do those.

Then with the rest of the time, do the one thing that will grow your business.

Wax your skis.