I often want hosting where someone else is managing the server. I get tired of managing servers.

For this extra hosting, I’ve been using Bluehost for a long time. They were the closest thing I could find to a perfect hosting account.

The only problem I had with them is that they only allow 5 addon domains per account.

So, today I went looking for another hosting account that allows me to host unlimited domains on that one account.

I already have accounts with Dreamhost and HostGator. They’re good so far, but only because I need lots of accounts with different class-c IP addresses.

Then I found HostMonster.

For some reason the site looked too familiar to me so I called them to find out who owns them. It turns out that HostMonster is owned by Matt Heaton, the same guy who owns BlueHost.

And, HostMonster has everything I’ve looked for in a hosting package:

  • host unlimited domains with one account
  • ssh access
  • cpanel
  • cheap
  • good tech support
  • good affiliate program

Needless to say, I’m super happy with HostMonster.

I just wish the guys at bluehost would have told me that hostmonster existed one of the 10 times I’ve asked for all these features over the past year.

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