Wow, what a week this has been.

The miscarriage didn’t go as expected. On tuesday night we went to the ER because kim was bleeding so much. While we were there (we were there for like 2 hours) the bleeding slowed down so they said that she had probably just passed the big part of it and that it should slow down from then on. They said the bleeding shouldn’t be worse than her heaviest period day.

On wednesday, this is exactly what she experienced. Small bleeding that looked like it was going to stop.

On Thursday morning however, the bleeding started up again. It started all of a sudden and then progressively got worse. So bad that Kim couldn’t get up off the toilet. I could hear her blood streaming down into the toilet so loud that it sounded like I was standing there peeing. Then Kim started getting light headed because she had lost so much blood so fast so I got her some juice to dring but it didn’t stop the light headedness, which was getting worse. Finally we decided to go to the ER again and I went to get the phone (I had been standing in the bathroom holding Kim up because she was getting so weak) to call her mom and when I came back she had fainted on the toilet.

She was totally unconscious and shaking her didn’t do any good so I started slapping her. She wasn’t waking up and she was extremely pale and parts of her face looked purple and then she started throwing up foamy red stuff (which was because of the juice). I started flipping out and immediatly called 911. The girl on the phone sent the ambulance and calmed me down. Kim still wasn’t waking up, she was just flopping around with whatever I was doing. Then I tried to give her a little more juice and she felt the juice in her mouth and woke up…sort of. Just enough to realize she didn’t want the juice and that she was going to throw up again. She leaned into the sink and threw up. I was still on the phone with 911 and about a minute later the ambulance showed up. It only took them about a minute and a half to get here which was a huge relief. By this time Kim was sort-of conscious, she knew she didn’t like me slapping her but she didn’t really understand what had happened. She didn’t really know that she had fainted or thrown up.

The ambulance brought in a stretcher as Kim became more aware. She was now sitting on the floor (as opposed to the toilet where she’d been the whole time) in pants and her garments and a bra. We knew she was going to the hospital so she told me to just get her a t-shirt so she could go.

During all this Austin was flipping out along with me. He could see that there was something wrong and he was grabbing onto Kim’s finger trying to pull her out of the bathroom. When they put her onto the stretcher he went screaming running to her. We put him on her and he tried to undo the buckles they had on her. It was sad.

The ambulance took Kim to the hospital and I stayed home with Austin waiting for Kims dad to come watch him so I could go to the hospital. He got there in a few minutes and I raced to the hospital. When I got there they had 2 iv’s in her and oxygen in her nose. It was sad but good. I knew then that she was safe. For the next couple of hours she bled A LOT. I mean…tooooooooonnnnnns. If I had to guess, I’d say it was somewhere on the order of 2-5 quarts. I know the body only has around 9 pints, but over those hours I’d guess she had lost about that much. Not to mention she went through 4 bags of iv’s and they did 2 blood transfusions.

It finally got to the point where they said she had to have a d and c. We thought this was normal, until the doctor said that it wasn’t really. At least, not in a situation like this. He said that normally they’d wait 24 hours and make her eat but that in this situation, they couldn’t wait any longer. So they rushed her off to the OR. I gave her a blessing and like 5 minutes later she was in the OR.

I’d guess about 1/2 hour later the doctor came out and told me how it went. He said that everything went well. He pulled a blood clot bigger than a softball out of her (I had already seen lots of clots that were bigger than golf balls) and said she’d lost a lot of blood. He said that she probably had half the blood she needed but they weren’t going to give her anymore. Her body would replace it over time. He said it would probably take about a month before she fully recovers from it.

A little while later I got to go in and see her. She wasn’t still asleep, but almost. The next few hours all she wanted to do was sleep (which was fine and to be expected). We were finally able to come home from the hospital at about 8:30 thursday night.

Since then, all she’s done is sleep. They said she’d be really tired for a few days. Then she’d be tired for a few weeks. It should take about a month before she feels normal again. I didn’t think it would be this bad but yesterday all she did was sleep all day. She would go from the bed to the couch and back again every few hours. She’s also had a really bad headache, but no bleeding so that’s good.

Thursday was a really hard day, but it didn’t seem that hard at the time. When I woke up friday though, It seemed like thursday had just been a nightmare, but I knew it was all real. All the blood was soooooo terrible. However, we’re living still. Life is still good. Austin’s still cute as can be and happy as ever. We’re doing ok and are moving on with life.

Life is good.