I exercise almost every day.  

Not every day is a big adventure…but often they turn into adventures. 4, 5, 6 hours in the backcountry skiing or riding our mountain bikes to the mountains, up over the mountains, and then back over to get back home.

We do lots of fun stuff.  

When you work 17 hours/week you still have to fill your time. I fill it with my wife and kids usually.

Today I wanted to add to the videos we’ve been making from these adventures so I created instructions for my online Filipino video editor specialist.

They’re not super complex. 
They don’t instruct on anything you’d want to teach your OFS to do.
They’re not even interesting.

But this is how I create instructions for my OFS.
This is how I give feedback to my OFS.

I record on my computer using Snagit.  Then Snagit uploads it to a server.

My instructions to my OFS said:

“Here’s an easy way to add content to adventure videos.
Here’s how to download the gpx file.

And here’s how to use the relive app to create their video file

Let me know if you have questions.”

A couple things to note:

1. I used the iPhone screen recorder to take the video of my phone.  Simple.
2. I used airdrop to get the video from my phone onto my MBP.
3. To share the iPhone video which was too big for email, I imported it into Snagit and had Snagit upload it.  Super simple.  File -> open. Find the video. Click Share.
4. I customized Snagit to upload my trainings to my own hosting account. That way I never lose anything.

If you want to know how I set up Snagit, it’s in the 2nd video on this page:

I almost always use screen recordings to teach processes. It’s so easy. It’s so fast. It’s so easy for them to follow since they can watch it over and over again if they need to.


PS. I use Snagit. It’s $50 one time.
Others like the subscription ($10/month) of loom