I’ve talked about SSS quite a few times recently because people keep asking.

I want to reiterate that this benefit is OPTIONAL. It would be nice if you can give this to your Online Filipino Specialist, but you don’t have to.

In this email, I’m going to list what your OFS can get when they sign up for SSS and regularly contribute to the fund.

When your OFS signs up to become an SSS member, they get a unique SSS number. When they get their SSS number, they must also get a UMID (Universal Multipurpose ID) from the SSS.

UMID is the ID you want to keep in your wallet because you can use it anywhere. It makes it easier for your OFS to open a bank account, apply for a credit card or loan, get a driver’s license or passport, or get verification for payment sites like PayPal or Payoneer.

When your OFS contributes regularly to the SSS, they’re entitled to the following benefits:

– Sickness benefit – A daily cash allowance paid for every day that your OFS cannot work due to sickness or injury.
– Maternity benefit – A cash allowance paid to your OFS when they give birth or have a miscarriage. This is equivalent to 2 and half months’ salary
– Disability benefit – It’s a cash benefit they can get as a monthly pension or lump sum if your OFS suffers a permanent (partial or total) disability.
– Retirement benefit – This is their pension fund. Your OFS can get this as a monthly pension or lump sum.
– Death benefit – The beneficiaries of your OFS (parents/spouse/children) can get this cash benefit as a monthly allowance or lump sum.
– Funeral benefit – It’s a cash grant of around Php20,000 (~$350) to help with funeral costs.
– Unemployment benefit – This won’t apply to your OFS (because they’re considered independent contractors), but it’s one of the benefits that they can get if a Philippine company hires them.

Being an SSS member also gives your OFS access to short-term loans called “salary loans.” They’re low-interest loans that need to be repaid within the year. They call it a salary loan because they base how much they can borrow on their monthly salary. The first time you can take out a short-term loan, you can only borrow the equivalent of one month’s salary. The next time you take out a loan, you can borrow twice your monthly salary, and so on and so forth.

All the information your OFS needs to get these benefits is available on the SSS member portal and SSS mobile app. We’ll also release a guide for your OFS to show them how to sign up and pay for these benefits themselves. This will be in their account on OnlineJobs.ph.


On my ride the other day we saw the first signs of fall.  Beautiful.