When you hire your 2nd OFS, the process becomes much easier.

By then, you’ll start to really build a hiring process because of what you went through with your first OFS.

You’ll know what to write in your job post and how to message jobseekers in the OnlineJobs.ph database.

You’ll know that if you don’t get enough applicants the first time, you can just rewrite and repost your job post.

Or if you get too many applicants, at this point, you’ll know how to screen out most of the bad ones.

Your experience with your first OFS hire should also give you a better idea of what kind of worker you’re looking for. You know what questions would get the kind of responses you need to help you decide who to hire.

At this point, you’re also familiar with how a Filipino worker would react once you hire them and the things you need to iron out on day one. Things like holidays, talking about their salary and giving them their first task.

This is why people who successfully hire one good OFS eventually hire more and grow their team. Hiring the next person gets easier and easier.

But this is only possible if you take that first step and hire your FIRST OFS.

Want help with that? I can guide you through my hiring process with OneVAAway.com.

It’s a process that took me years to perfect. Everything that I learned to make hiring an OFS faster, easier, and better, I put it all in this course: OneVAAway.com


PS. Your first hire is liberating, it lets you breathe. Your second hire is life changing. It lets you grow.