As business owners, we know what’s going on in our business. But there are little details that we don’t have to know in order to implement.

Take my FB ads, for example. I have never been on the Meta Business Suite (is that even what it’s called???). I rarely open my Facebook. But you can see that I have a bunch of ads and a lot of content on my social media accounts.


Here’s Caroline’s question:

I have watched the intro and have a question in regards to training. If I know that I am needing someone to do social media marketing but don’t know the technical parts of the meta suite how do I teach them. On their resume’s it would say they have FB experience.
I can have the strategy and wording but the technical, implementation is what I don’t have skills in. not sure how to teach this

Here’s my advice:

When you hire someone for a task you don’t know how to do, ask someone who knows about it.  Just get an overview plus a few details. I talk about this in greater detail here:

When you hire someone, talk to them about their plan for how to implement it.  I talk about
– What would be your goal with our social media? Why?
– How would you create posts? What kinds of content in the posts?
– What’s your strategy to increase engagement?

When you ask those kinds of questions, you start to see what someone knows and understands and what they’re capable of.

Note, I don’t really know much about social media. Mostly just what I’ve gathered from talking to others about it.

As things progress after hiring them, I constantly ask questions.  Who are we targeting? Are people engaging?  Why?  Why not? What are you trying that’s new?  Are we telling stories?  Or just making boring marketing posts? (this was from this week in my business).

Asking questions makes them think critically. They’re probably already thinking critically, but now they know you care about it.