I don’t like the term VA.

People think a virtual assistant is a secretary.

They’re not skilled. 
They can only follow basic directions.
They can’t really help my business grow.

That’s why I hire OFS.

An OFS is skilled.
They want to, and are capable of, helping your business grow.
They work hard and they’re good at what they do.
They deliver high quality work.
They show up. They want to work.
They’re loyal, honest, hard working, and well educated.

OFS = Online Filipino Specialist. 

For years I’ve had OFS working in my business, yet I still called them VAs.

About a year ago I realized the damage I was doing.

Both in the Philippines and around the world. 

Filipino workers don’t want to be “assistants”.  
They want a career. They want to be skilled.  They want to grow.

Employers don’t want an assistant (well…some do).
They want someone who is good at their role.

Hire an OFS.