Yesterday I got a PDF document back from my GUYS:

The Top 7 ROI Activities Your VA Can Do

I asked them to write it. I’m going to add it as a bonus in They would know the best ROI activities better than I would…they’re the ones who do the work and who check it’s effectiveness.

Here’s the real kicker. This is why I created in the first place.

They sent me the 2nd draft. Along with it one of my GUYS said:

I think we should add your affiliate links into the PDF for all the tools you’re recommending they use.
What do you think?

So, he’s actually looking out for me and my business. He actually wants me to succeed and make money.

The crazy thing is that after the first draft, I had thought “I should put affiliate links into this…but I don’t want to go find them…so nevermind.”


Talk about replacing myself!

After Giving your GUYS my training, this is what you should expect from your GUYS too.

This is why outsourcing to the Philippines is soooo different than anywhere else in the world.

DISCLAIMER: The GUY who said this to me has been with me for 3 years. That’s why the title of this post has “(and time)” included in it. It takes both time and training for someone to understand your business as well as he understands mine.

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