I have a friend (like a brother) who was born on April fools day.

I’m not a real fan of April fools day, but…

Growing up we thought it was super funny to give him rocks and dirt in a present.

He was never super disappointed, he knew what we were doing.

But by the time he was 8 or so…he didn’t want to open our presents anymore.

It took a leap of faith.

Kind of like hiring your first online Filipino specialist (OFS).

It takes a leap of faith.

But NOT like hiring your second OFS.

The second is easy…because you already know.

You know
– how well it works
– slight cultural differences
– what it’s like to get work done while you sleep
– how it feels to finally get help
– how to pay them
– what bringing them onboard entails
– what kind of work output to expect
– how to train them
– how to find someone good
– …
– …

The second time is always easier than the first.

Take the leap.

If you’ve already hired someone, what would (or do) you say to someone who is thinking about it but hasn’t done it yet?  

Reply and let me know.

If you haven’t taken the leap yet, why not?

Reply and let me know.


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