So the list of problems at QComm got bigger today. I’m really tired of this place and really don’t want to be associated with it any more.
A few months ago the old CEO quit, which was a good thing. He was a real problem. Then they got this new CEO who is the epitomy of a pointy haired boss (from dilbert). He’s exactly like him. He comes around every once in a while pretending like he cares about everyone, making stupid conversation but when it comes down to it, he really doesn’t care about anyone. He’s making some stupid decisions right now also.
They just fired Brian, the IT guy. He’s had some legal problems over the past month but it all got resolved, he wasn’t convicted of anything, and they still fired him. I guess they didn’t even tell him why or anything. Really crappy. Then, they’re going to hire a new VP of IT to replace Marko. That’s understandable since Marko is a programmer and programming is what he likes. He doesn’t like doing what he’s doing now. The problem is that they’re giving him a pay cut with this new decision. Totally ridiculous. What makes it worse is that he’s been doing the new job for like 5 months, but they didn’t give him a raise when he started it. So originally he was a Sr. Engineer, then he became director of IT, but didn’t get a pay increase, now he’s going back to being a Sr. Engineer but he’s getting a pay cut. This sucks.

I’m really upset about all of this. It’s not cool. The management of this company doesn’t care a dang bit about the employees. None of us are happy. I just want to quit.
Soon enough I suppose…