I’m writing this sitting on the beach at Pineview Reservoir in Huntsville, UT.

I just taught 4 littles to water ski.  

I mean…not that I taught them.  We have these learner skis where the rope is attached to the skis and to the handle so the boat (or jet ski…it’s a bit easier behind a jet ski) pulls directly on the skis.  It makes balancing easy.

Except…they kid still has to keep the ski tips up.  Often they start to roll sideways before the jet ski even starts going so I get in the water with them and hold them straight until they’re ready to take off.

When are you ready to hire your first OFS?


When you have something in your business that
– you know how to do
– you know it’s effective
– you feel like you could teach it to someone else

You’re ready.

It could be something you’re doing and now you get it off your plate.
It could be something you’re not doing because you don’t have time to do it or because you don’t like doing it. 

Hire your first OFS!

When are you ready to hire your second OFS?


When you get the taste from your first OFS being productive you’ll know when.
When your first OFS is too busy to take on more work, it’s time.
When your first OFS is productive and you need something done that is a completely different skill set, it’s time.