So I talked about the State Mountain Bike Championship Race yesterday in my email. I told you about my younger daughter, who took 4th place in her race.

My older daughter also took 4th place in the varsity girl’s race, which is a different accomplishment in itself. 

The varsity girl’s race is so unbelievably competitive. Yet even taking 4th place out of the top 100 girls in the state who qualified (the winner of her race is the current national champion), she’s disappointed because she thought she could win the race. She had hoped to win the race. All the girls who beat her she has beaten them before. She just didn’t have a great race, and she’s disappointed. 

Today I got something back from my team that I was pretty disappointed in.

Here’s what happened.

I let them take the lead on adding some clarity to IDProof on They pushed it live, and I checked it, and I was pretty disappointed.
Don’t get me wrong…most of what they did was great…but the piece that explains IDProof links to a page intended for workers yet it’s on a page clearly intended for employers.

It just needed more thought put into it.

The more I thought about it, the more I kind of realized that they did what they thought was right here from their perspective. Because their perspective is different from mine. Your OFS perspective is different than yours. 

They actually did a really great job with the rest of this project. It was that one link that wasn’t right, and it was super easy for me to correct. I just hoped they had the whole thing correct without me being involved at all. It didn’t happen.

I sent an email saying, “Hey guys. No, this is an employer-focused page. It needs to link to an employer-focused page. “, and they’ll fix it. 

Just be aware that you will have times where your team, they’re trying their best, and they still have a mistake. You’re going to need to correct that mistake. Just recognize they’re trying their best, and their perspective is different than yours. That’s my point in this whole thing.