I spent most of last week bikepacking in Wisconsin with a couple of friends. It was amazing. 

(my bike fully loaded)

Then when I came home, I just had overnight. And we immediately left for Moab, which is an amazing biking destination here in Utah. My kids had a high school mountain bike race. Which again, was amazing. 

(my 14yr old on top of the podium. Her first race win!)

We got back Sunday and my wife left early this morning on a trip for herself. And after she left I was overwhelmed. 

Like, she did so much work while I was gone in the house. The house looked great. But then we came home and it was like a tornado hit our house. 

From unpacking from my bike trip, from the second bike trip, from the race, from taking care of all the food. It was like a tornado hit our house. The place is a disaster. 

And then my wife’s gone all week. And I haven’t worked in a week. 

And I’m overwhelmed. And I’m frustrated. And I yelled at my kids this morning when I shouldn’t have. *sigh*

And then I sat down to work. I got through my primary email in 20 minutes after having not really been at a computer in a week and a half. I’m not sure how…

And then…

I realize how grateful I am for the team, the people I have in the Philippines who work for me. I read through multiple conversations where just really good things are happening. They’re communicating with each other. My email is reasonable.

Things are just going really well. 

I was thankful that I had built this team as I had built it. I am thankful for the talent that I have on my team, the talented people in the Philippines. 

It’s not an overnight thing. It doesn’t happen quickly. It takes time. But you just have to start with one person. 

And starting with one person will open the door to bringing in another person. And another person. And eventually building a team of people that will take care of things for you. So that when you’re overwhelmed, work is still going really well.  

If you’re overwhelmed, try this. 
Go to www.OneVAAway.com.  Buy it. It’s $49. Take 1 hour and follow the steps to learn what to do and get your job posted. Seriously, it’s not a long process. 

This is the first step towards not being overwhelmed is posting your job.