Over the past few weeks I’ve had numerous people ask me:

“You recommended 2 different programs for online business models. Which is better?”

Here are the two (both have a video interview):
Make $3 700 times a day
An Automated Online Business Model

Here is my answer:


There were a few reasons why I posted (and recommended) both of those:

  1. Both business models work
  2. Both business models are EASILY outsourced (I’m currently implementing both of them through outsourcing)
  3. I personally know the owners of both. They’re both super trustworthy.
  4. Both business models are easy to understand, and, if you implement them, it’s hard to fail at them.

So which is better for you?
That depends on you and your skills and your goals.
This is where and why I tell people “you need to understand your business.”

Here’s a summary of both. You pick which one is better for YOU (I’m doing both).

1. An Automated Online Business Model

  • You will build websites in niches with the goal of selling info products.
  • It’s more involved than The Mini-Site Formula.
  • Each site will make you $300-$3000/month.
  • You’ll spend more time on each site.
  • You’ll create some of your own info products.
  • You’ll do seo, articles, videos, … to market your site.
  • This is less of an affiliate business, and more of a “you own the product” business. That’s why I like it.
  • It’s permanent, but will take longer to see your first income.

2. Make $3 700 times a day
The Mini-Site Formula

  • You build websites in micro-niches with the goal of selling physical products as an affiliate.
  • Each site has very little time commitment.
  • Each site makes you $1-$5/day.
  • You make money strictly as an affiliate (or with adsense).
  • It’s a very scientific process.
  • No copy, emails, auto responders, sales pages, clickbank, upsells involved.
  • You market it with video (that’s what Joel does, I suggest video + articles).
  • You’ll see your first income quickly, but it might not be permanent.

Now, it’s your turn to use your brain and pick which one appeals to you more.

Whatever you do, only 2 things matter:

  1. Are you implementing it (if you don’t do this, nothing else matters)
  2. Are you outsourcing it (if you don’t do this, it’s only a matter of time until you stop doing #1)
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