Can someone please tell me?

I mean, this is ridiculous.

I have quite a few google accounts that I spend a significant amount of time in.

I hate logging in and out of each of them, so I open up different browser windows that allow different cookie sessions and I don’t have to log out of one to log into another.

By default I use Firefox.

But, when I need another google account open, I have to open IE because it doesn’t share cookies.

However, IE always crashes!

It just freezes my computer. The mouse works fine, but nothing else responds (not even ctrl-alt-del).

Recently I’ve been able to track this problem specifically to IE causing the problem.

So, here’s my question (I actually have 2 questions):

Why can’t a piece of software that you’ve been working on for 89 years and that is an “integral” part of your operating system, just work?

Seriously, why can’t it just be a nice, functioning, leave my computer alone and don’t crash, piece of software?

My second question: Can someone help me with a different solution?

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