I just spent the last 6 weeks on vacation.


6 weeks in a row on 6 different vacations back to back.

1. Glacier national park
Home for 1 day
2. Camping with my brothers in St George.
Home for a few days
3. Boating at Lake Powell
Home for 2 days
4. Rafting the Colorado river helping at “Girls Camp”
Home for 2 days
5. Boat at Lake Powell
Home for half a day
6. Mountain bike national championships in Colorado

Here’s our 2nd Lake Powell group:

Families, left to right: Jonas, Jolley, Goggins, Brunson

I have 2 weeks at home then more trips.

This is what we do during the summer.

There are lots of reasons to run an online business.  Time freedom is one of them.

It’s the same with OFS.

There are lots of reasons why people in the Philippines get online jobs.
– Time freedom
– Pregnancy
– Health 
– Loss of another job
– …

For Gabby, it was pregnancy.

Here’s her story.  It shows some of how things work in the Philippines.



PS. Does your OFS have a story they’d like to share?  Let me know.