I don’t get asked this a lot, but I think it’s worth talking about.

I don’t want OnlineJobs.ph to be like Fiverr or Upwork.

If I prioritized freelance work or short projects, I would make more money because employers would need to keep coming back to hire workers.

We would take a cut of salaries.
We would have all kinds of rules trying to keep you locked in to the platform.

I’ve been told that telling people they can immediately cancel their subscriptions once they’ve hired an Online Filipino Specialist is bad for business.

I don’t care.

The reason I intentionally designed Onlinejobs.ph to be different from Fiverr and Upwork is that I’m a business owner too. It’s what I wanted for myself. Before I started Onlinejobs.ph, I was already in business for years and I knew what kind of workers I needed to grow my business.

Turnover kills business growth. If you want to do more things and you want to delegate more, you need workers that are loyal and who will work for you for years.

If you want easy/short-term and time doesn’t matter to you, go to Upwork or Fiverr.

If not…I designed OnlineJobs.ph to fit.

Now…the subscription…
I also don’t like paying for subscriptions if I’m not using them anymore. That’s why we made it easy to cancel your Onlinejobs.ph paid subscription once you’ve hired someone.
You don’t have to keep it active.

I use a subscription model instead of a commission model because I know most business owners are in a much better position financially than most Filipino workers on Onlinejobs.ph.

When 20% of what you make gets taken from you by the job board ($100 out of every $500) that’s borderline exploitation. What Upwork and Fiverr take from workers adds up for the workers.  It means they don’t buy an extra kilo of rice or pay for unexpected school expenses or hospital bills or…. It just didn’t feel right to take from people in need.

When I first created Onlinejobs.ph, my needs were simple. But as my business grew, the site also exploded. My needs changed, so I added and changed things to respond to those needs.

I created OFSGuide.com to show people how an OFS can do so much more than a VA.

I created OFSTasks.com to show other businesses what an OFS can do for them.

OneVAAway.com was created so people who want to know my hiring steps can be guided through it step-by-step.

We created VAsMadeEasy.com because I know any help training your OFS can take a burden off you.

Maybe things will change in the future.  But I don’t want to be like Upwork or Fiverr.
I want to continue being the place people end up when they’ve tried the other options.
I don’t make as much as I could, but I’m happy that people stick with OnlineJobs.ph. I’m happy that Filipino workers get good stable jobs.
I’m happy to be serving over half a million employers from around the world.


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