Man, the windows of heaven are open to me right now and the blessing is so big that I can’t receive it. Over the past few months, but more recently, over the past few weeks, I’ve had so many job opportunities that I’m now having to turn them down. I just got a call from Dave Smith saying that he just refered a guy who owns a php / apache / linux web shop. The dude’s looking to hire someone to do programming but also to do seo for them. I haven’t talked to the dude yet…but I don’t think I can do it. At least…not right now I can’t.

I also just got a job offer from This is a company that Paul Allen and Phil Windley started to get people involved in politics. They don’t have anything built yet and they want me and neal to build it. They made us an offer last night for us to quit our jobs and work for them for the next 2 months. They offered us $10K each to do it. I’ll probably do it, I’m not so sure about Neal.

Anyway…my point is that I know that Heavenly Father is pouring out blessings on me right now and it’s because I pay my tithing.

Prove me now herewith…