I remember the first time I learned to write with block letters. It was the beginning of my 9th grade year. I drew my name in big block letters on the front of my notebook.

Today I was reminded of that as my 9th grader drew her sister’s name on her lunch bag in block letters.

I was also reminded that my 9th grader drew in block letters when she was in 1st grade. And I felt really dumb that she figured it out in 1st grade and it took me until 9th grade. 

But it was also amazing to me that she was so much better than me at something like this.

Then, I thought about the first time I realized that one of my OFS was better than me at something. It was a programmer and it was very early on.

I thought I was a really good programmer.
I hired this guy and he was much better than me.  

And it was super cool to realize, ‘I thought they were just going to be okay. And it turns out, they were actually better than me at it.’

Over the years I’ve realized, quite a few times, that my team members are better than me at things. It may not always be the thing I hired them to do, but they’re better than me at something. Whatever that thing is, oftentimes it’s useful in my business. Sometimes it’s not. 

Right now in my business I know they’re better than me at
– writing
– social media
– programming
– design
– all paid advertising
– video/audio editing

The interesting thing is, I used to be good at all of these except for design and social media. 

What are your OFS better than you at?