John Jonas Bio

John has helped thousands of entrepreneurs succeed in their business by doing outsourcing differently. He created and runs, the largest website for finding Filipino virtual workers, with over 2,000,000 Filipino resumes and over 500,000 employers from around the world using it. He works about 17 hours per week, choosing to spend his time with his family rather than working.

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Longer Bio

John has helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs succeed by teaching them how to replace themselves through outsourcing.

He created, the largest marketplace to find Filipino workers with over 2,000,000 Filipino profiles in the database. He teaches how to find great Filipino workers.

While making a full-time living he rarely works full time. His team of 37 full-time Filipino virtual assistants do the work in his businesses, while he manages the process. They range from programmers, designers, and webmasters, to writers, researchers, project managers, and just general VA’s.

John has made millions of dollars online directly from work that his Filipino workers have done for him and now teaches others exactly how to do the same thing.

If you’ve tried outsourcing before, but haven’t heard what John has to teach about it, give it another try. John’s teachings are SURE to change the way you look at running your business, outsourcing, and the success you have in doing it.