I’m John Jonas. I live in Utah and I founded My life is better because of my Filipino OFS (Online Filipino Specialist). My team.

I had a normal “job” for 8 months after college and my biggest goal at that time was to be able to quit that job. I managed to quit back in 2004 and worked from home for myself ever since then.

When I first hired someone from the Philippines in January of 2006, I knew I was onto something special. Since then I’ve learned that for most people, life is definitely better with Filipino workers on your team.

Yes, because of my Filipino workers I get to play a lot of golf, spend a lot of time with my wife and kids, and get out backpacking in the middle of the week. I work for about 17 hours a week because of the amazing work they do. However it’s not just better for us; it’s better for them too.

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} My Latest Post

How To Evaluate Business Opportunities

I work about 17 hours/week.
I have since ~2008.

I hope to share some of how I do it with you.  Today is #1 out of 12 actionable ways to cut your working time down.

This is how I make decisions about business opportunities I do or don’t pursue.

I know there’s always something bigger.
Something sexier.
Something easier.
Something that will make you so much money, you just have to do it.

Here’s the piece most people miss:
Time is more valuable than money.

You can’t buy time.
You can’t get more time.
You can’t do more things by having more money if you’re time-strapped because of making money.

So how do you keep your time free while still making money?

2 rules:
1. NEVER sell time for money.
2. Evaluate ever business decision based on the question: “Who’s time does this require? Is it mine?”

Rule #1: NEVER sell time for money
Selling time for money is anywhere you’re required to do work in order to get paid.  It’s a “done-for-you” service. It’s fulfilling on something you sold.  It’s coaching. It’s managing the PPC accounts. It’s selling yourself as “I’ll do this for you.”
The problem with done-for-you service isn’t that you can’t get someone else to do the work for you, it’s that the client always wants YOU!
The buck stops with YOU.
They want answers from YOU.

There are 2 problems with this:
1. You have a limit on the amount of time you can give.
2. Someone else is always willing to sell their time for cheaper.

I’m not saying all businesses like this are bad.  They’re not.
I’m just saying that working 17 hours/week isn’t achievable if you’re selling your time.

Rule #2: Evaluate every business decision based off who’s time it requires
Every time I have an opportunity to add a feature, create a business, pursue a partnership…the first thing I look at is how much of my time is it going to require.
I’m ok if it requires my initial time, but no actual physical work.
I’m ok if it requires my initial time, but then no ongoing time or brain power.

But I’m not interested in the opportunity if at any step along the way it requires my ongoing committed time.
Ongoing committed time sucks the life out of you.

Two ways I decide if something is going to require my time are
1. If I think it’s automate-able with software or OFS
2. If there are clients involved. New ongoing demands from clients mean it requires my time.

There’s a lot more to be said about this, but that’s my system for making decisions about whether or not I pursue an opportunity.

PS. Yesterday (as of writing this, May 25) was my 99th ski day of the season. Here’s how my friend (I took the picture) got to the snow:

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How To Evaluate Business Opportunities

I work about 17 hours/week. I have since ~2008. I hope to share some of how I do it with you.  Today is #1 out of 12 actionable ways to cut your working time down. This is how I make decisions about business opportunities I do or don't pursue. I know there’s always...

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A Number Of Vetted VAs/OFS

Last week I told you about my son in the Philippines and how he had a friend there who needed a job.  My son had vetted Marc for me.  Marc was trustworthy and hard working, just not super skilled. His option was to travel to Manila for work and leave his wife and 2...

Update To Phone Services You Can Use With Your OFS

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Trusting Someone You Don’t Know

"John - How do I know if I can trust them?" It's one of the first questions people ask me. Humans are hardwired to be suspicious of things we don’t know or understand. That’s how we protect ourselves. So I understand why you’d be reluctant to trust a stranger halfway...

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Can AI Replace Your Virtual Assistant?

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Long Weekends on the 2023 Philippine Holiday Calendar

In 2022, many Philippine holidays fell on the weekend. But in 2023, you may have noticed that many of those holidays now land on a Monday or Friday. If your OFS doesn’t work on the weekends, they can expect around 9 “long weekends” if we count regular and special...

I love reading your emails! Thank you for creating OnlineJobs.Ph I have a great experience with the training and the VAs.
Amanda Vang

Real Estate Expert

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate these emails you send out John. Since I have been reading them, I have developed such great relationships with 2 my VA’s and soon to hire a third. So grateful that you created this!
Melody Johnson

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