When it comes to outsourcing your business (or yourself!) to the Philippines, there’s definitely a learning curve.
Here are 7 ways you can guarantee failure for yourself :
(Hint: Don’t do these things!)

1. Try To Hire Someone To Do Everything

Here’s an actual email I got this week

So wait…you want a programmer, graphic designer, webmaster, who is fluent in english and likes to write, who can write sales copy, autoresponders, forum posts, ebooks, and reports.
Oh yeah, sure, let me help you find that person!
Oh wait, that person doesn’t exist.
Hire someone to do a specific task! Then train them to be able to do everything.

2. Hire A Project Manager

Filipinos don’t know how to run your business for you.
Don’t try to hire a project manager first along with 6 others, and expect that “project manager” to manage those other 6 and get things done. They don’t know how.
YES! They’re very capable of being project managers, but very rarely will you find someone who has been involved in enough internet business that you can just turn a project over to them and have them manage other people for you.
Eventually…yes! After you’ve trained them and they’ve seen how the business is supposed to work.

3. Hire Someone And Ignore Them

You have to train the person you hire. They don’t know how to run your super-niche internet marketing business. Don’t expect to hire someone and just let them go do everything themselves. Expect to spend some time working with them.

4. Ask Someone To Do Work Before You Offer Them A Job

This is my favorite.
I get an email that says

Can you please tell me why I can’t successfully hire someone, they all keep disappearing.
Here’s the email I send them:
I want you to start by doing a trial task.
Write 20 articles, submit them to article directories, do a bunch of directory submissions for me, build me a website and write all the content for it.
Then, I’ll evaluate your work and see if it’s going to work out.

Yeah right!
They’re not going to do work until AFTER they know they have a full-time job working for you.
Don’t give them a test task. Give them a job. Tell them the first month is a probationary period.

5. Expect Immediate Results

This is a long-term proposal here. I’ve been doing it for 4 years. You’re not going to see the same results in 4 days.
Don’t expect it.

6. Search and Search and Search For The Right Person, Then Email Them

Hey John,
I searched for 3 days and I found the perfect candidate. They can do everything you said wasn’t possible back up in #1 on this blog post. Why won’t they respond to me?

Because they already have a job and they’re loyal to their current employer.
Instead of trying to find the perfect person up front, try contacting 20 potential fits, see who responds, then sort through them.

7. Set The Wrong Expectations

When you hire them, don’t tell them you expect them to be totally self-directed and to work without supervision and to be able to figure everything out on their own.
If you do, you’ll never hear from them again.
Try telling them

I expect you to try to figure things out, but I understand that I’m going to give you tasks that you won’t know how to do, and sometimes there won’t be any way to figure it out. In these cases, please know that I’m here to answer your questions. I’m here to help you. Please don’t hesitate to ask me when you get stuck.

Otherwise, when they don’t know how to do something they get embarrassed and will never talk to you again.
If you set the right expectation with them about asking for help, they’ll ask, you’ll help, and all will be happy and good.

These aren’t hard things to avoid…you just have to know about them to avoid them.
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